PackTiger RS Paper Cushioning System

Your Best Choice for Protective Paper Packaging
PackTiger® Cushioning System video
Unrivalled Speed in the Market
- Custom-length paper pads at up to 150 per minute.
- Cushioning and blocking and bracing techniques.
Environmental Friendly
- 100% of Recycled Paper.
- Patented single-motor design with less power consumptions.
- Less but excellent lofted, strong and durable pads to provide more protection for your product.
Dependable and Durable
- Requires minimal service which means greater uptime.
Many accessories available
- Foot-pedal for manual and batch mode.
- Easy Loading cart.
- 5 roll trolley.
- Special developed packaging bench.
- Conveyor belt sensor.

Where to use it?

Ideal for Workstations: The materials can be taken straight from the system, or batched into bins.
Ideal for Online operations: Equipped with a foot pedal and remote keypad.
With a smaller size than that of traditional paper packaging systems, the portable PackTiger RS system is easy to position anywhere.

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