Cell-Aire® polyethylene foam provides superior protection, allowing for fewer wraps or for the use of thinner material. Cell-Aire® is made of recyclable, low-density polyethylene that generates a clean, high-energy material for conversion into energy.

Cell-Aire® and Cell-Aire® Laminates Polyethylene Foam

Versatile and Cost-Effective Protective Packaging Materials.
Clean, non-abrasive and lightweight
Resistant to moisture damage
Excellent thermal insulation
Dust Free
Fully recyclable
An efficient replacement for bulkier, heavier packaging materials to help reduce solid waste
Wide range of thicknesses available - from 0.7mm to 5mm
Cell-Aire® kraft paper laminates - For furniture and other large items where a scuff and puncture resistance is required.
Cell-Aire® film laminates - High density film laminated to Cell-Aire® foam resulting in extremely tough yet flexible surface protection

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