Fill-Air® NTS Table Side Packaging System

This system is a simple solution for space-saving inflatable packaging. It is small enough to fit easily beside or behind any packaging workbench and can create enough Fill-Air® inflatable cushions to meet the demands of virtually any packaging operation.
Easy To Use - Just turn it on - there are no adjustments.
All Electric - No shop air required.
Compact - Easily fits into any packaging operation freeing up packing table space.
Automated Inflation Provides On-Demand Cushions - Auto-replenishment mode automatically keeps the cushion bin full, ensuring cushions are readily available when packers need them.
Easy to Load - Roll of film is easily loaded, maximizing up time.
Assured Customer Appeal - Clear inflatable cushions create clean, neat packages. No messy and bulky void fill materials.
Responsible Packaging - Material inflates on-site taking up a fraction of the truck space needed to shop conventional packaging materials and reducing the transportation impact.
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