Sealed Air has received the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI) chain of custody certification for the Yesterday’ News™ mailers. The chain of custody process tracks products through different stages of paper production, starting in the forest and ending with consumption by customers; ensuring that chain of custody certified products come from well-managed forests and recycled paper. Yesterday’ News™ mailers eliminate the use of bulky corrugated containers when shipping low-profile items. They are produced from post-consumer recycled fibers and can be easily recycled in common “mixed paper” recycling streams.

Yesterday’s News Padded Mailers

Yesterday's News™ Padded Mailers
The Yesterday’s News™ Mailer offers many environmentally-friendly features that set it apart from traditional padded mailers. Natural outer and inner kraft material is made from 100% recycled paper fibers and eliminates the need for color additives making it better for the environment. Ideal solution for shipping low-profile items such as auto/industrial parts, books, DVDs, CDs, printed materials and binders.
Excellent Protection - recycled newspaper used to create the inner cushioning with double fold and double glued bottom flap construction for increased protection
Easy to Use, Easy to Recycle - Self-seal closure with tear-strip for easy opening and recyclable with mixed paper such as magazines, office paper and junk mail
Cost Savings - Offers postage savings and environmental source reduction with less weight and solid waste than cartons
Sizes Offered - available in 8 sizes
Recycle Content - Made from 100% recycled paper fibers with 25% post-consumer content. Recyclable with mixed paper
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