TuffGard Extreme® Cushioned Mailers

When A Standard Cushioned Mailer Isn’t Enough And A Traditional Carton Is Excessive

Combining the protection of our original 5/16" thick Bubble Wrap® brand cushioning and strong coextruded film, TuffGard Extreme® mailers are designed for your most demanding mailing applications. Utilizing Sealed Air’s patented Barrier Bubble® technology and our puncture, tear and moisture-resistant multi-layer film, TuffGard Extreme® mailers provide a safe, attractive, economic alternative to cartons.
Save on Postage - lightweight mailers weigh less than cartons
Save Time and Labor - two-step packaging process vs. six steps for cartons
Reduce Material Costs - eliminates internal packaging material and tape
Improve Productivity - package more in less time
Reduce Inventory - a few mailer sizes accommodate many different products
Increase Security - strong self-seal closure produces a highly tamper - resistant seal
Increase Customer Satisfaction - no damage, no mess or lost items
Premium Appearance - fine texture surface is excellent for custom printing, is easy to write on and accepts gummed labels
Sizes Offered - Available in 5 sizes. Special sizes - quotations upon request
Product specifications, brands and availability may vary depending on your geographic location. Refer to the country selector at the top of this page to browse product in your region.