PriorityPak® System Choices

Determine the PriorityPak® system that suits your packaging line.
PriorityPak® Manual system video

Manual system:

Operators place an item on the bottom web of the Cold Seal® cohesive-coated material, apply the shipping label to the top web of the material and push a button to create the package.
PriorityPak® Enhanced system video

Enhanced system:

Maximize productivity by expanding manual system capabilities, such as an integrated scale, scanner and labeling components.

Semi-automated system:

Coupled with a lugged in-feed conveyor that allows an operator to place an item on the conveyor where it is automatically packaged and ready for label application.

Automated system:

Similar to the semi-automated system, but the system reads the bar code on the order - picking slip and automatically prints and applies the label to the package.
For a Fully Automated Approach, click here.
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