The PriorityPak® system creates compact, customer packages that reduce postage costs and material usage. Because PriorityWrap® materials take up less space than corrugated cartons, they require less energy to transport. Also, the smaller cube size allows carriers to transport more packages per vehicle, reducing fuel consumption.

PriorityPak® Automated Packaging Systems

A High-Speed Solution that Encapsulates Products in a Ready-to-Ship Protective Package
Take control of your packaging with the PriorityPak® System - the fast, flexible way to create a complete containment package in one easy step. The PriorityPak® system is a high-speed product containment and protective packaging solution with advanced sensor technology that makes it the perfect solution for fluctuating volume and variable packaging requirements.
PriorityPak® Automated Packaging systems video
Dramatically Increase Productivity - Creates up to 20 packages a minute, compared to 1-3 packages a minute when using manual methods
Cost Effective - Creates a compact, custom package that reduces postage costs compared to packaging with corrugated cartons and void-fill materials.
Superior Product Protection - This system encapsulates your products in a Cold Seal® cohesive-coated protective package that locks and seals products in place to minimize shifting; providing protection from the rigors of shipping and handling.
Simple to Use - Easy to install and set-up. Just plug it in, connectt o compressed air, load and feed the material rolls. Operator training requires no more than simple and quick instructions on product placement. No complex settings. No need to adjust for sizes or volume.
Customize for Your Operation - Can be integrated seamlessly into existing packaging lines, which may include other time saving automated features that can weigh, manifest, validate and sort packages to help packaging operations streamline processes even further.
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