FillTeck Inflatable Cushioning

FillTeck™ Inflatable Cushioning video
This versatile, cost-efficient system produces adjustable height cushions for various sized applications. FillTeck™ packaging is produced on-demand with limited operator involvement. Clear inflatable cushions created by the system can be re-used for an added eco-friendly benefit. The system provides excellent protection with minimum material storage space required, reduces shipping costs due to lightweight packaging material and offers clean, professional looking packages.
Features & Benefits
Perforated material allows operator to create cushions in different sizes and shapes
Quilt option creates one, two or four cushions across (see photo detail)
Allows operator to quickly and easily change lengths of cushions to adjust for eachproduct packaged
Produces up to 18 feet per minute, depending on cushion size
Choice of four film types for a variety of applications
- Standard Performance Film
- Plus Performance Film
- X Films (extremely high performance/high loading film)
- Anti-static Plus Performance Films

Equipment Options

FillTeck™ equipment system options
Two equipment systems are available according to film width required. Both systems have the capability to create cushions of any length. Each versatile system offers a quilt option that creates one, two or four cushions across. The machine can either perforate or cut the film down the middle when dispensed.
By inflating on-site, inflatable cushioning frees up valuable warehouse space and decreases transportation costs. High-efficiency, performance cushioning material reduces damage. Film strength and superior air retention promote reusability.
  Cushion Width Cushion Length Accessories
FillTeck 400 16 inches 1 to 10 inches Roll winder or overhead
FillTeck 600 24 inches 1 to 10 inches Roll winder or overhead
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