Instapak® RC45 Renewable Content Foam

Trusted Instapak® Foam Performance, now with 25% Renewable Content
Sealed Air is proud to introduce our first RC45 Renewable Content Foam
Instapak® RC45 Renewable Content Foam
For decades, Sealed Air has worked to provide our customers with solutions that make sense for their operation, their bottom line and the environment. To that end, Instapak® is used to provide maximum product protection with a minimum of packaging material. Engineers in our Packaging Design Centers eliminate more than 2 million pounds of our customer’s excess packaging material each year., It is this spirit of commitment and determination that lead us in the development of our latest Instapak® foam, Instapak® RC45 renewable content foam.

Features and Benefits

Plant-based Instapak® foam formulation
Contains 25% renewable content in the finished foam
Reduces dependence on petroleum-based components
Enhances Instapak® foam’s position as a source reducing packaging material
Performs equally with current Instapak® foam materials
Works on all Instapak® systems
Can be diverted from landfills like all other Instapak® foam products via our world-wide foam return program
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