Are the Quick® RT bags supposed to fill up completely with foam?
The bags are designed to have some air space after the foam has risen. This allowst the foam to expand unrestricted around the product to be packaged.
Your #80 does not look big enough to fill the bottom of my box. Can I use more than two cushions for top and bottom protection?
Yes, it is very common, with the foam-in-bag packaging method, to use more than two bags to protect a product. See our packaging examples.
What if I activate a bag and then realize it was the wrong bag? Can I re-use this bag?
If the bag you activated was too big, put it aside and use it as a voidfill cushion for another pack. If the cushion you activated was too small, then use it and supplement it with additional bags.
Can I shake the bag, once the foam starts to rise, to spread the foam throughout the bag?
No, do not shake the bag at anytime. Shaking the bag can cause the foam cells to break down resulting in a cushion that is smaller than it should be. Proper placement of the product, on the rising cushion, will help the foam spread throughout the bag. Refer to the Quick® RT User's Guide for complete activation instructions.
Which Instapak Quick® RT bag should I use? Instapak Quick® RT or Instapak Quick Tuff® RT?
This is determined by the size and weight of your product. See the Instapak Quick® Packaging Performance Chart to determine which Instapak Quick® packaging foam is best suited for your application.
What is a product positioner and why would you use one?
A product positioner is used when the product to be packaged is difficult or awkward to handle while placing it into the rising foam. A positioner is a block of polyethylene, polyurethane, polystyrene or wood used to lift, hold, center or help position the product to be packaged within the center of the shipping box. The thickness of the positioner is determined by the size of the shipping box and the amount of foam needed to surround the product. For example: If the product and the shipping box dictate that 2 inches of foam protection is needed, then fabricate a 2 inch thick piece of wood or other suitable material to act as a product positioner.
How can I tell if I have old Instapak Quick®, or new Instapak Quick® RT bags?
Instapak Quick® bags are silver colored and must be heated prior to activation. This is done by placing them in the Quick® Warmer for at least one half hour prior to use. Quick® RT bags are blue colored and are activated at room temerature (RT), right out of the box.

These answers apply to the original version of Instapak Quick® packaging, which requires a warmer.

Can I activate the Quick® bags without using the Quick® warmer?
If the color of the Instapak Quick® bag is silver, you cannot activate it without a using an Instapak Quick® Warmer, manufactured by Sealed Air Corporation. Use of the Quick® warmer assures the Quick® bags will produce top quality foam.
If the color of the Instapak Quick® bag is blue, you can activate without a warmer. For best results, activate bags that have been stored between 65° F to 90° F / 18° C to 32° C
What happens if I activate an unheated or cold bag?
The silver Instapak Quick® packaging bags will take a long time to react, and the foam quality will be unacceptable,r esulting in little or no cushioning effectiveness.
Instapak Quick® RT foam packaging, distinguished by blue film, can be activated right out of the box and require no additional equipment or warming. For best results, activate bags that have been stored between 65° F to 90° F / 18° C to 32° C
Can I microwave the Instapak Quick® bags instead of using your Quick® Warmer?
No, never use a microwave to heat the bags for the following reasons:
Component "A" and "B" will not heat up in a microwave.
The foil in the internal pouch could damage your microwave.
Can I use an alternative heating source for Quick® bags?
No, never use an alternative heating source to warm the Quick® bags. Only the Instapak Quick® Warmer, manufactured by Sealed Air, should be used to heat the bags. Instapak Quick® foam packaging has been designed and formulated to be reacted at a prescribed temperature and any deviation from that temperature will cause you to make a finished cushion that will not protect your product.
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