Cell-Aire® polyethylene foam provides superior protection, allowing for fewer wraps or for the use of thinner material. Cell-Aire® is made of recyclable, low-density polyethylene that generates a clean, high-energy material for conversion into energy.

Cell-Aire® Polyethylene Foam Packaging Products

Cell-Aire® Polyethylene Foam Packaging Products
Resilient and cost/labor efficient
Clean, non-abrasive and lightweight
A high cling, low-slip material holds securely
Leaves no greasy residue
Resistant to moisture damage and provides excellent thermal insulation
Made of recyclable, low density polyethylene
Wide range of thicknesses available - from 1/48 inch to 1/4 inch
Cell-Aire® Laminates combine soft, resilient polyethylene foam with either kraft paper or high density film backing. Custom laminates available upon request.
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