I-Pack® Automated Void-fill Reduction System

Create More Compact Packages By Removing the Unused Void.

Benefits of the I-Pack® System

Savings on Shipping - Smaller overall volume reduces air- freight and last mile costs.
Savings on Operations - Tray forming, height adjustment, and lidding process is automated and high throughput. Picking is more productive in trays than in RSCs.
Savings on Materials - The need for additional packaging material is reduced. I-Pack® materials can be sourced from local suppliers
Savings on Reduced Return Ratio - The I-Pack® fold increases box strength adding product protection. The glued pack is securely sealed and tamper-evident. The protection is consistent and efficient regardless of the production speed, whatever the box filling rate or product mix.
Good Environmental Profile - The 100% corrugated package is “curb-side” recyclable
Impressive Package - The finished appearance of the package enhances brand image
Easy to Open - The built-in tear strip makes opening an easy pull.
Reliable - Designed in accordance with CE European Directives, the system is compliant for North America and is tested and certified for compliance by a National Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL).

The I-Pack® Process

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