Automated Voidfill Systems

The new I-Pack® and Ultipack® systems are designed for fulfilment operations where the goal is to minimize costs - shipping, consumables, and operating - while optimizing productivity. These systems can support multiple pick stations while reducing the overall number of packers. They can be integrated with all ERP/WMS system software and any warehouse equipment (conveyors, printers, scales, sorters, etc.), or operated in stand-alone mode.

I-Pack® Automated Void Reduction System

  • Products placed in the tray.

  • Void measurement & height adjustment automatically starts.

  • Height adjustment automatically finishes.

  • Lid automatically sealed in place

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Ultipack® Automated Void Containment System

  • Products placed.

  • Wedge automatically sealed in place - locking products in place.

  • Invoice automatically placed (optional).

  • Lid automatically sealed in place.

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I-Pack and Ultipack are registered trademarks of B+ Equipment

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