Bubble Wrap® Brand Multi-Purpose Grade

Bubble Wrap® Brand Multi Purpose Grade Cushioning Material
For light to medium weight, less fragile products with short or predictable distribution cycles
For products requiring surface protection, interleaving, cushioning and voidfill
Meets all requirements of commercial item description CID-A-A549
Minimum 15% recycled content
Size Suggested Uses
Small Cushioning of light to medium-weight products. Available in Anti-Static (AS), Cohesive Cold Seal® (CO), and Adhesive Bubble Mask® (AD) materials.
Medium Cushioning and/or voidfill for light to medium-weight products. Can replace 1/2-inch non-barrier material.
Large General purpose cushioning and/or void fill. Available in Anti-Static (AS) and Adhesive Bubble Mask® (AD) materials
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